Learn natural law principles and the foundation of law.

Interns gather for two weeks at the beginning of the summer for lectures and interactive discussions designed to confront conventional wisdom in legal education and present a principled, analytical framework for understanding natural law principles, constitutional interpretation and jurisprudence, and the history of Western civilization. They engage in formal and informal discussion with faculty members, law student mentors, and other interns to challenge prevalent relativistic and positivist legal thinking while promoting a robust view of universal moral truths.

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Lead driving change in the legal system.

Interns complete a six-week legal internship to advance their career objectives and prepare themselves to become leaders in the legal profession. Upon selection to the Fellowship, the Blackstone staff works with each intern to help select the best option based on the intern’s specific professional interests, aptitudes, geographical preferences, and academic performance. Interns may set up their own internship, or utilize the many resources that the Blackstone staff has available to help them find the best opportunity for their individual goals.

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Defend religious liberty, the sanctity of life and traditional family values.

Interns again gather for a final week at the end of the summer focused on career development and cultural engagement. The curriculum is designed to provide practical career advice and help interns develop a deeper vision of their professional calling. Interns return to law school equipped with broader knowledge, stronger convictions, and access to a vast professional network that will continue to grow throughout their careers.

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