What Is Blackstone?

The Blackstone Legal Fellowship prepares Christian law students for careers marked by integrity, excellence, and leadership.

The Fellowship begins with a summer-long leadership training program, which includes three weeks of seminars on topics including legal philosophy, constitutional law, history, and emerging cultural issues, as well as a summer legal internship. During this time, participants are not only equipped with a foundation of knowledge that will serve them throughout their careers, they also develop a professional network and form enduring friendships.

For those chosen to become Fellows at the end of the summer, the summer program represents a beginning, not a culmination. Fellows receive ongoing training, resources, and support through an international community.

Is Blackstone Legal Fellowship for Me?

Blackstone Interns are selected through a competitive application process. While successful applicants come from a wide range of backgrounds, and have unique skills and interests, they share the following traits:

Strong academic

Leadership skills, both exhibited and potential

Maturity of faith
and character

Commitment to legal and cultural engagement

What Happens at
Blackstone Legal Fellowship

Phase I

Interns gather for two weeks of lectures and interactive discussions designed to confront conventional wisdom in legal education and present a principled, analytical framework for understanding legal philosophy, constitutional interpretation and jurisprudence, and the Western intellectual jurisprudential history. Faculty includes prominent constitutional scholars, historians, and thinkers in the area of philosophy, jurisprudence, political science, and social science. These leading minds engage in formal and informal discussion with Interns, exploring pressing cultural issues and challenging prevalent relativistic and positivist legal thinking, while promoting a robust view of universal moral truths. The curriculum also incorporates daily worship and a devotional series focusing on personal and ethical challenges related to the legal practice.

Phase II

Interns complete a legal internship to advance their career objectives. Upon selection to the Fellowship, the Blackstone staff works with each Intern to help identify and secure the most fitting internship for that Intern, taking into account the Intern's specific professional interests, aptitudes, geographical preferences, and academic performance. In past years, Interns have obtained internships at a wide variety of organizations, including governmental entities, boutique law firms, NGOs and nonprofits, among others.

Phase III

At the end of the summer, Interns return together for seminars and training focused on career development and cultural engagement. The curriculum includes practical career advice and enables Interns to develop a clearer vision of their professional calling. Faculty includes partners from prestigious law firms, high-ranking public officials, academics, and former judicial law clerks. Interns return to law school equipped with deeper knowledge, stronger convictions, and access to a vast professional network that will continue to grow throughout their careers.


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What Happens After Blackstone Fellowship?

The Blackstone Legal Fellowship is indeed a Fellowship. It is purposefully designed to mark the beginning of a lifelong professional relationship that equips Fellows to effectively engage the legal culture and accelerate their careers. Blackstone has a dedicated Professional Development and Alumni team to specifically serve these purposes. Accordingly, the end of Phase III is not a culmination, it's a beginning. This is one of the unique aspects of the Blackstone Legal Fellowship. Interns who successfully complete the summer program are invited to apply to be commissioned as Blackstone Fellows. Those selected will carry this professional distinction—and the professional network that accompanies it—throughout their careers.

Blackstone Fellows in the Practice of Law


What Our Interns Say

Testimonials from Blackstone Interns

Unlike any other experience, Blackstone has envisioned and equipped me to pursue my career with purpose.

Harvard Law School | Blackstone Fellow 2015

Blackstone greatly exceeded my expectations.  It has been a life changing experience and the preparation and education that I have received here will forever be a part of my personal and professional life.

University of Virginia School of Law | Blackstone Fellow 2015

Blackstone was a life-changing event.  The opportunity to learn from such brilliant and passionate people while surrounded by a group of law students firmly committed to their faith and their values gave me an incredible sense of optimism and courage.

The Notre Dame Law School | Blackstone Fellow 2015

Blackstone has been one of the most formative, encouraging, equipping experiences of my life.

Blackstone Fellow 2015 | Pepperdine University School of Law

Blackstone is an amazing journey and a life-changing experience.  I left filled with hope and inspired to fulfill my calling in Argentina.

Universidad Austral, Argentina | Blackstone Fellow 2015