Who is eligible to apply for the Blackstone Legal Fellowship?

The Blackstone Legal Fellowship is looking for exceptionally capable and highly motivated first-year law students. Second-year law students are also welcome to apply.

What criteria are used to select students for the Blackstone Legal Fellowship?

Criteria for selection are based upon demonstrated Christian commitment, motivation to engage popular legal culture, leadership potential in a legal context, evidence of oral and written communication skills, and academic achievement.

Is the deadline for the application a post-mark deadline or receiving deadline?
The deadline for the application is a receiving deadline. All items must be uploaded to your online application file by 11:59pm of the deadline date (Mountain Standard Time). It is the student’s responsibility to remind their recommenders of the deadline date. Exceptions are only made for official law school transcripts. However, a request for such transcripts from the law school must be made before the deadline date.

What if my law school grades are not posted before the application deadline date?

We understand that not all grades will be posted before our January deadline date. It will not adversely affect your application if your grades are not posted.  Please request a copy of your transcript to be sent when all grades are posted.

What is the letter of recommendation process?

There are two options on the online application.

If you choose not to review the letters of recommendation, names and email addresses of the recommenders are entered. An email will automatically be sent to the student’s recommenders with the online recommendation form. After the recommender submits the form online, it will be sent directly to the Blackstone Legal Fellowship staff.

If you choose to review the letters of recommendation, a word document will open which is the student’s responsibility to transmit to their recommenders. The recommenders can email, mail, or fax the completed form back to the Blackstone Legal Fellowship staff.

A traditional letter of recommendation does not need to accompany the recommendation form. We only need to receive the completed form with corresponding answers to the bullet point questions from your recommenders. If a recommender would like to send additional information, those letters can be sent by email, fax, or mail.

I mailed my transcripts and letters of recommendation that I chose not to review, but why does my online file still reads incomplete?

Please allow 2-3 business days after the documents are received for the online application file to be updated. This is due to the high number of applicants and documents mailed to our offices. Please note: It is the student’s responsibility to remind the recommenders of the deadline date.

How can I see what essays need to be submitted?

The first step in the application process is completing the application form. Once the application form is complete, the other steps of the application site will open. The student will then be able to upload documents and send requests for letters of recommendation.

How will I know if my application is accepted?

Acceptance emails will be sent in mid-February. The student will then have five days to accept the offer by completing additional information online. Acceptance letters to participants are not offers of employment, but serve to confirm acceptance for participation in the summer program.


How many students are accepted into the Blackstone Legal Fellowship?

Each year we hope to increase the class size. The summer of 2013 class included 144 interns.

How much does it cost to participate in the Blackstone Legal Fellowship?

Airfare, lodging, and most meals for Phases I and III are provided at no cost to the intern. Airfare to/from the Phase II location is also covered. Most placements include lodging, but not meals. Occasionally interns are able to provide their own lodging already procured or with family members or personal friends. A scholarship is also given for participation in the Blackstone Legal Fellowship. We cover the cost of legal paperwork needed for the International placements, though each international intern is financially responsible for obtaining his or her own passport.

What type of scholarship is received?

Only students accepted into the Blackstone Legal Fellowship are eligible for the qualified Blackstone Legal Fellowship scholarship. Completion of all three phases is necessary to complete this summer program.

The Blackstone Legal Fellowship scholarship of $6,300 is considered to be a qualified scholarship within the meaning of IRC section 117. This scholarship is intended to assist individual students who are candidates for degrees from educational organizations and to defray qualified educational expenses.

Do I have to attend all three weeks of Phase I and III?

Attendance is mandatory for all sessions during Phase I and III, including weekends. Free time is scheduled into the program. If a student has a commitment during one of the weekends of Phase I or III, permission to leave must be received from the Blackstone Legal Fellowship staff. Typically this permission is only given for an immediate family member’s wedding or a family emergency.

May I request a specific placement location for the Phase II Field Internship?

The Blackstone Legal Fellowship staff cannot guarantee Phase II Field Internship placements in a specific organization or geographic location. Those accepted as Blackstone interns are given the opportunity to request certain geographic locations, type of work, or organizations. These requests are given serious consideration. We will make all attempts to place married interns in a location where they can be with their spouses.

What if I am married?

Spouses of interns are not allowed to attend Phase I or Phase III. We will make all attempts to place married interns in a location where they can be with their spouses for the six-week Phase II field internship portion. Travel expenses for the family to and from Phase II are not covered by Alliance Defending Freedom.

Am I able to take days off during Phase II?

Blackstone interns generally have weekends off during Phase II. We have found that students need to be ready to serve full time during the relatively short six weeks in order to have a valuable experience. If an intern has a commitment which would require missing a weekday, permission to leave must be received from the Blackstone Legal Fellowship staff, as well as the Phase II organization.

How is the Blackstone Legal Fellowship connected to Alliance Defending Freedom?

The Blackstone Legal Fellowship is a ministry of Alliance Defending Freedom.