The Blackstone Legal Fellowship was the most intellectually and spiritually refreshing experience I’ve ever had. Law school had worn me down with the message that my faith had no place within the law. Blackstone reinforced the importance of my core beliefs to my profession and inspired me to seek to highest levels of legal practice."

 “I am not alone. That was my biggest takeaway from Blackstone. Even when I feel isolated at my law school, I can take comfort that I am now part of a broad network of Christian law students from around the world. And even though I haven’t met any Christians on my law school’s faculty, I now know of dozens of Christians throughout academia and all sectors of the legal profession. Becoming part of a talented and supportive Christian legal community has changed the way I view the legal profession.”

My 1L year was frustrating because it felt like my ‘Christian answers’ were too superficial for complex legal questions. And I had no Christian faculty to seek out for advice. Blackstone filled this void. The faculty is nothing short of phenomenal. They provided a rigorous and scholarly examination of all sorts of issues such as human dignity, natural rights, and religious freedom. I wish I could have learned this material before my 1L year, but it will certainly impact me for the rest of my career!