Anna Franzonello, Blackstone Legal Fellowship 2007

In 2009, Anna graduated from the University of Notre Dame, where she served as the president of the Federalist Society. She interned with Family Research Council during her 2007 Blackstone Legal Fellowship summer. Anna has served as staff counsel with Americans United for Life since 2009.

The first two weeks in Phoenix were intense.  The lectures were invigorating and I often found myself saying, “I wish I had heard this before I took Con Law!”  The topics were diverse, yet all connected.  Phase 1 unveiled the scale of the attack against truth, and through awesome presenters, also gave the battle plan and weapons necessary to fight back. Yet, it was more than just the information that was presented that has prepared me.  The people that I met, the relationships that I formed, are ones that I could not have just reading the books, or attending any lecture.  Living, eating, studying with the other fellows for two weeks, I formed friendships that are vital for the years to come.  Not only do I know I’m not alone, but I really know the people who are on my team.”