Ideas may have consequences, as Richard Weaver remarked, but people change cultures. The Blackstone Legal Fellowship promotes this by providing numerous reading resources. These resources are selected with an eye not toward simply buying books, but rather toward building libraries. As you seek to obey the greatest commandment, loving the Lord your God with your entire mind (Matt 22:37), Alliance Defending Freedom encourages you to cultivate a learner’s attitude.  

Suggested Reading List:


The Forgotten Man - Shlaes, Amity

Sir William Blackstone & the Common Law - Stacey, Robert D. 

Victory of Reason - Stark, Rodney

Vindicating the Founders - West, Thomas G.

Formational Orthodoxy

Confessions - St. Augustine

The Cruelty of Heresy - Allison, C. FitzSimons

Desiring God - Piper, John

Don't Waste Your Life - Piper, John 

Every Good Endeavor - Keller, Timothy

Orthodoxy - Chesterton, G.K.

The Peacemaker (3rd Ed.) - Sande, Ken 

When I Don't Desire God - Piper, John

Cultural Engagement and Critique 

ACLU vs. America - Sears, Alan & Craig Osten

Architects of the Culture of Death - De Marco, Donald & Benjamin D. Wiker

The Cathedral Builder - Ventrella, Jeffery J. 

Christ and Culture - Niebuhr, H. Richard

The City of God - St. Augustine

The Cube and the Cathedral - Weigel, George

Darwin Day in America - West, John G.

Defending Life: A Moral & Legal Case Against Abortion Choice - Beckwith, Francis J.

The Entrepreneurial Vocation - Sirico, Rev. Robert A.

The Good of Affluence: Seeking God in a Culture of Wealth - Schneider, John R.

Hills Like White Elephants - Hemingway, Ernest

The Homosexual Agenda (2nd Ed.) - Sears, Alan & Craig Osten

How to Win the Culture War - Kreeft, Peter

Idols for Destruction - Schlossberg, Herbert

Natural Law for Lawyers - Budziszewski, J. 

Politics and Evangelical Theology - Mattson, Brian

Smart Sex: Finding Life-Long Love in a Hook-up World - Roback Morse, Jennifer

The Summa of the Summa - Kreeft, Peter

Theology of the Body Explained - West, Christopher

Truth and Tolerance - Ratzinger, Joseph Cardinal

What We Can't Not Know - Budziszewski, J.

Written on the Heart - Budziszewski, J.


Coercing Virtue: The Worldwide Rule of Judges - Bork, Robert H.

Originalism: A Quarter Century of Debate - Calabresi, Steven G.

The Heritage Guide to the Constitution - Meese III, Edwin

Slavery, Abortion, and the Politics of Constitutional Meaning - Dyer, Justin Buckley

We Still Hold These Truths - Spalding, Matthew


The Abolition of Man - Lewis, C.S.

Apologetics to the Glory of God - Frame, John M.

Money, Greed, and God - Richards, Jay W.

No Other God: A Response to Open Theism - Frame, John M.

Featured Books

The ACLU vs America

by Alan Sears and Craig Osten

Natural Law for Lawyers

by J. Budziszewski